Emotions and TantraIn today’s episode I talk about how emotions are an integral part of Tantra. It’s easy to forget that we also have an emotional body, which needs just as much self-care as our physical body.

Tantric Yoga teaches that the emotional body, Chitta or Heart-Mind, digests emotions and experiences, in much the same way that the physical body digests food. The problem is that most of us receive zero education or training about how to deal with our emotions in childhood, or even in adulthood. So much of our emotional experiences remain undigested, in the form of what are known in Sanskrit as “samskaras”. These samskaras are past wounds or traumas, and also our conditioned beliefs that are associated with those experiences, that remain unresolved and hang around in our emotional body, draining our energy and life-force.

By giving yourself the the time and space to sit with and feel your emotions, you allow them to digest in your emotional body, in a natural and healthy way. And when we are accustomed to being connected with ourself in this way, the other people in our life will feel more connected with us, resulting in better relationships.

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