A Tantric approach to Law of Attraction incorporates six core elements

In a recent podcast episode I talked about how Law of Attraction shows up in Tantra and we looked at some of the references found in the Tantraloka text. You can listen to that episode here.

In today’s episode I continue exploring this theme, and specifically to identify what are the core elements of a Tantric Law of Attraction Practice.

Tantra is an ancient way to practice Law of Attraction

These six core elements of Law of Attraction can be incorporated with a Tantric approach. As described in the Tantraloka text, tantric rituals for manifesting a desired intention are characterized by the use of visualisation, speech, and ceremonial acts. In his commentary on the Tantraloka, Christopher Wallis points out that for this to be effective, “… it must involve body, speech, and mind: the three primary modes in which Awareness engages and expresses. These three are united by a singular intention.”

By incorporating all the faculties and senses of our human nature, using this Tantric approach, we can amplify the power and focus of a Law of Attraction practice.

These core elements are best implented in parallel with each other, and not necessarily in a chronological order. In addition, within each element you can also include other kinds of practices to help, such as affirmations, mantras, meditations, sleep self-hypnosis, and many others.

Practice tip: Set your Intention and explore your limiting beliefs.

If you are keen to start putting into practice this Tantric approach to Law of Attraction, one practical tip I can recommend is to start with declaring your intention.

Prepare a sacred space where you can sit without being disturbed. Bring to mind the presence of a deity you would like to work with, or just feel the compassionate and loving presence of The Universe. Then simply state your intention, and offer it humbly. Let it be accompanied by postive feelings of love and gratitude.

Now observe carefully what kind of reactions you feel within yourself, and take note of any resistance, blocks, or limiting beliefs that may come up as a result of you declaring your intention.

Spend time repeating and exploring this process. You may need to take time to work through any blocks or limiting beliefs you may have around the goal you are wanting to manifest.

Working with a deity is a powerful Tantric way to assist you in the Law of Attraction process. You can hear more about how to invoke the help of Tantric deities in my previous podcast episode here.

The most beautiful thing about a Tantric approach to Law of Attraction is that it is a process of self-transformation in collaboration with the Divine. Whether or not you get what you asked for, you will grow in love and peace, creating more balance and stability in your life.

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