Application Form for the Tantra Dating & Events Website/App

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Thank you for volunteering to test YuTantra, the website/app for Tantra dating & events!

Please fill out the application form on this page, and if approved, I will email you your user registration link.


Please read the following important information…

This is the Alpha Test Phase. At present there is no app for mobile. The mobile phone app will be introduced later, once I have validated the concept and features. This early phase of testing is only with the desktop version of the website.

The main goals for this phase of testing are:

  • to know if the basic concept is popular/viable.
  • to test basic technical functionality.
  • to test various features.
  • to test profile moderation/validation procedures.

This version doesn’t represent the final version, both in terms of features and also design.

You may receive occasional emails from me to ask about your user experience, any bugs you may have found, suggestions for improvements, and general feedback.

My Thank-You Gift to You

To show my appreciation for your volunteering for this project, I will give you free access to the VIP level full features for the Alpha and Beta releases. And in future releases of the final app, you will get a special discount for the premium version.

About YuTantra

The vision behind the YuTantra dating app/site, is to make it easier to connect with others who are interested in Tantra, and get you offline to meet in real life at Tantra-related events.

It is a platform where you can find Tantra events near you, and get to know people who may be attending the same events. It is a safe place for genuine connections, without judgements, embracing all backgrounds and sexual orientations. It is open to singles and couples who want to meet up and explore Tantra. It is not a hook up site, nor a swingers site. Measures are taken to ensure that members are genuine, and each profile is individually moderated.


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