If you attend a Tantra workshop, you will almost certainly do an eye gazing exercise in the class.

Eye gazing is an amazing practice in Tantra for creating more connection and intimacy with your partner. But it goes even deeper than that. When you practice eye gazing you can really connect with the Divinity in the other person. And as a Tantric practice, it is also a great way to channel sexual energy up through the higher chakras and expand your feeling of love.

Tantra Eye GazingIn this episode I talk about how important eye gazing is as a practice in Tantra. I describe some of my own experiences with this, and talk about how you can really connect with the presence of the Divine when doing this exercise.

I describe how you can do this yourself as a simple Tantric practice at home, whether you are single or with a partner.

We wrap up the episode with chanting a beautiful mantra to Lord Shiva.