Tantra and Law of Attraction

In this podcast episode I talk about how Tantra and Law of Attraction are connected, and I share some of my experiences of using Tantric-based rituals to invoke the power of dieties for helping you in life.

Tantra and Law of Attraction are Both Ancient Teachings

If you dig a little into the teachings of Tantra you will find references to the same secret principle which underlies the modern-day Law of Attraction. Indeed, this concept is said to be thousands of years old, and is seemingly a universal principle… Buddha is believed to have taught the idea that “what you think, you become”.

Tantra can be used to invoke Divine powers to Help you with Law of Attraction

The great Tantrik master and scholar Abhinavagupta alludes to the Law of Attraction in his encyclopaedic work the Tantraloka, written around a thousand years ago. Of course, he doesn’t use the exact same expression. The term as it is popularly known by today, was first coined in this context by author William Walker Atkinson in 1906. Abhinavagupta does, however, talk about how Tantrik “seekers of enjoyment and experience” can invoke divine forces to bestow upon them the “fruit” of their focused intention, through the practice of certain rituals.

The ‘inner self’ of the One Lord who is Consciousness is the creative upsurge of intuitive inspiration (pratibhā), worshipped [by some] as a limited configuration of the [infinite] Waves of Awareness (saṃvid-ūrmi-cakra), whether gentle or otherwise. || 116

[…] this Goddess Awareness, becoming increasingly manifest, reveals herself in a form that bestows the fruit of that rite upon him.  || 117

TANTRĀLOKA 1.116-123 Translated by Christopher Wallis

Law of Attraction is an excellent a compliment to Tantric way of life

Part of my mission is to bring what I learned from my life as a swami in the monastery and integrate it with the teachings of Tantra. I have found Tantra to be an ideal framework for spirituality and personal growth in modern society. Law of Attraction is a great compliment to this path, although it does require some deep exploration and clearing up some of the misunderstadings about how it works. And Tantric practice can be a great way to cultivate the mindset which is required for this to work successfully in your life.

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