In today’s episode of the Tantric Life Podcast I am joined for the first time by my partner, Melissa, as she interviews me about my life as a hindu monk in the monastery.

For 11 years I lived as a swami with my Guru in the monastery, where we followed a disciplined way of life to cultivate a connection with God. The spiritual path which my Guru taught was closely related to Tantra. It involved channelling sexual energy through work, worship, and devotional rituals. It was through this way of life that I came to a deep understanding of the presence of the Divine in everything, in the material world, in pleasure, in our emotions and thoughts. As Tantra teaches, when we accept and embrace all aspects of our human experience, we realise that our very own essence is Divine.

If this episode receives favourable feedback, we’ll continue each month with a different tale from the monastery, as I share some of the amazing stories and experiences that expanded my awareness and consciousness of the Divine.

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